ICT PRIME – a product innovation among data centers

ICT Prime is the clever infrastructure solution for data centers with an IT area of 200 m² or more. For small and medium-sized data centers with IT areas from 20 m² to 120 m² we offer the modules of ICT MICROPRIME.

ICT PRIME stands for the Prefabricated, Innovative, Modular and Efficient realization of data centers.

Due to their modular design, ICT PRIME data centers are scalable in area and number of floors, allowing for further expansion stages. In addition, they can be constructed in less time thanks to the high degree of prefabrication of the modules in our Cadolzburg plant.


Is ICT PRIME right for you?

ICT PRIME is the optimal solution for customers with a rapidly growing or volatile business development (cloud providers, colocation, industrial customers) to synchronize their business and data center strategy.

ICT MICROPRIME - prefabricated data center modules from 6 to 48 server racks

Our innovative, yet flexible and standardized ICT MICROPRIME modules offers you a choice from five modules with different surface areas and capacities. These modules can be air or water-cooled, depending on your individual requirements. ICT MICROPRIME is most suitable for small and medium-sized IT locations with from 6 racks (20 m², 30 kW) up to 48 racks (120 m², 240 kW).

Each of the five modules themselves consist of modular components, which contain the IT environment and the complete infrastructure technology thereof, i.e. electrical engineering with separate A/B paths.

ICT PRIME offers

Pros of contracting ICT PRIME...

  • Highest degree of prefabrication, preassembly, and modularization by relocating construction and assembly to our factory
  • Individual modular construction of up to 3 IT levels
  • Shorter implementation times (30-50% faster)
  • Higher quality of execution
  • Sustainable construction (waste reduction 40-90%)
  • Options for subsequent expansion


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